Skimmer Box Lid

Stainless Steel Skimmer Box Lid

The slimline stainless steel 316 electro skimmer box lid can be used instead of the plastic lids supplied by the manufactures. It is designed to sit flush with your pavers or tiles you are using.

It is screeded into the top of the Skimmer box when doing the tiling.


The insert is then adjusted using blue board or pavers to adjust the Height of the material in the middle of the lid, being used around the pool.

A hole can then be drilled in the insert to make it easier to lift out and replace and make it safe.


The size of the skimmer box lid is 320mm x 320mm x 50mm deep.

The material 1.5mm thick in Stainless steel 316.



Skimmer box lid is constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel and are considered a conductive material. Safety regulations vary and you should consult your local authority to determine what rules may apply in your area.

Bonding is the responsibility of the installer, attachment points have been provided to allow for use of bonding devices if required.  Check your local regulations to ensure the installation meets electrical safety requirements.