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For small fence or pool fence installations there’s no better company to trust. Dimension One Glass has decades of experience in installations and we provide an extensive 7 year warranty on our work. As for timing – small fence installations can be completed in as little as one day with larger fences taking up to two to three days. A pool fence installation is relatively simple and clean when compared to many other building processes and you can be confident that there will be minimal disruption to existing surroundings like paving and landscaping and because we install into the finished surface. This allows the tiling/paving to be completed prior to the fence installation taking place meaning your project can be completed quicker! Our team has all the required equipment and will only need access to water and power so get in touch today to book your pool or small fence installation today. Read More

Having a pool in the garden is the dream of many people. It enables you to take full advantage of the Australian summer and have an outdoor lifestyle. But to be able to do that, it needs to be safe, secure and fully compliant with legislation, which means installing a fence of the required height and style to enclose it. Additionally, in order to fully realise your dream, you want an area that’s as maintenance-free as possible.

Essential Pool Fencing Features

All our pool fencing is specifically designed for the area where it’s going to be installed. So it’s always unique, is exactly what each customer wants and fits in perfectly with its surroundings. And because we design, manufacture and install all the glass panels, we can ensure a perfect fit that’s entirely suitable for your pool area and its immediate environment.

Glass pool fencing is one of the most elegant and effective solutions for providing the necessary safety and security for your pool. The clear glass allows excellent visibility without the obstruction to viewing that other kinds of fencing have. That’s available whether you choose frameless fencing that has minimal interruption or semi-frameless fencing with posts between the glass panels.

The more traditional types of wood and steel fencing are prone to rot and rust, and need constant maintenance to prevent these and keep the fence looking good. And while untreated glass is porous and can be discoloured and distorted by pollution and contaminants, the glass we use is treated to seal it and prevent etching and corrosion of the surface. There’s no need for the frequent application of paint, sealant or preservatives, as for other materials.

Our hard-wearing and toughened safety glass is resistant to bird droppings, pollution, salt and other contaminants. The only form of treatment required is to wash it occasionally and even this is needed rarely if you have self-cleaning glass. And it’s unaffected by even the harshest of weather, with rainwater simply flowing down and away.

The Best Pool Fencing on the Sydney

Overall, glass is the best fencing material by far for your pool area. It’s safe, secure, durable, easy to maintain and, above all, it looks great. Because it’s a clear material and doesn’t obstruct the view, it makes the area seem larger and more open, with no sense of clutter.

The sense of unobtrusiveness is heightened by fittings that do their job effectively without detracting from the appearance of the glass. Indeed, within their clean lines and attractive finishes, they add to the overall impression of quality, simplicity and elegance.

Your pool fencing will look great when we install it and, because the glass is extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free, and the fittings are either stainless steel or anodised aluminium, the whole installation will retain its good looks for many years. And because there’s little or no maintenance, you’re left free to enjoy the benefits of the pool and outdoor space.

If you want the best pool fencing you can obtain at a really competitive price, look no further than Dimension One Glass. We’ve years of experience of installing pool fencing, understand all the challenges, both legislative and practical, and are familiar with climatic needs. We’ll design and install the fencing you want so you can enjoy the lifestyle you desire without the hassle that maintaining a traditional fence can bring.

Dimension One Glass is the best provider of glass pool fencing in NSW. Whether you are looking for glass pool windows in Sydney, aluminium pool fencing in Newcastle or glass balustrades in Central Coast, we have the fencing solution that will make your pool stand out. Browse our website or call us for more information!

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