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High wind zones 

Balustrades and Deck Construction 

Protect your pool and your family with a safe and durable frameless glass pool fence. We set the benchmark by using 12mm frameless toughened glass fencing in a variety of choices and configurations. The benefits of installing a frameless glass fence is that it invites light in while keeping the noise and wind out, all with an unobtrusive design and construction that allows you to see through the fence. There is no requirement for pins through the glass panel as the spigots are clamped onto the glass panel which enables adjustments to be made easily if necessary. Preparation and installation costs are minimized as there is no need for a channel in the concrete. Because the glass panels are raised from the paving or decking, water and debris can pass underneath the glass fence ensuring that scum does not build up on the bottom of the glass panels (which may lead to scratching whilst cleaning).


2205 is the most widely used Duplex Stainless Steel grade. It is higher in Chromium and molybdenum content. It gives the stainless excellent corrosion resistance. The microstructure provides resistance to stress, corrosion cracking and ensures high strength.  The grade has excellent corrosion resistance and is superior to grade 316.  The heavy Duty Spigot is a lot heavier and can withstand the 70kg side loading and is backed with  an engineering certificate.  This product is ideal to be used in High wind areas and public spaces.  Please note: Spigots are subject to material change, always refer to your salesperson. 

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