Glass Pool Fencing Western Sydney

Australian summers are getting ever-warmer, and more citizens than ever before are investing in swimming pools in order to cool down and escape the heat. In fact, an estimated 12% of Australians now have swimming pools.

These are fun areas where people can unwind and take it easy or have some aquatic fun. It’s important, however, that these areas are properly maintained so that people can have fun in a safe way. The issue is that many safety features are unbecoming and can take away from the beautiful aesthetics that define a great swimming pool.

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Glass fencing has emerged as a fantastic way of getting the best of both worlds: amazing aesthetics and an area that is safe. Here’s why glass fencing is a real winner this summer.


Any safety feature must be able to stand up to rigorous tests. Our strong glass pool fencing ensures that it is impervious to accidental bangs and knocks, and that it can effectively keep out children and others who should not be by the pool area.

We use only the best materials such as aluminium and strong glass. This means that the fencing is strong and capable of lasting for many years while still looking just as great as the day that it was installed.

Aesthetic Excellence

Beautiful glass fencing looks far superior to any alternatives, such as iron or wood. This is because it offers uninterrupted views of the pool area (another safety feature that means owners can see who is in the pool at any time and if they may need help) and is easy to maintain. The glass aesthetic also offers a modern and sleek look that really helps to differentiate a pool from the others around it.

Cost Effective

Glass fencing also has lower maintenance costs. It is easy to clean and requires just a quick wipe with select glass cleaning products. But the materials are also impervious to the effects of damp conditions. This is a huge advantage and puts glass fencing heads and shoulders above other alternatives that may require regular maintenance and even replacement after a certain number of years.

Compliant with the Law

Pool owners need to be responsible when it comes to offering a safe and secure pool area. Having the correct safety measures in place is a requirement by law and if any accidents happen – which are rare but unfortunately do come to pass – the owner of the pool will be covered by having a pool that complies with laws and regulations.

We are experts in our field and can offer fencing that is compliant with all of the latest laws and regulations. Because we offer assistance from the design to the installation phase you can be sure that everything about your glass fencing is legal.

Work with Dimension One Glass

Working with us is simple and we rely on 30 years of experience and countless successful projects to give you the best experience and product possible.

If you would like to find out more about our products and submit your project to receive a proposal, visit our website today.

Dimension One Glass is the best provider of glass pool fencing in NSW. Whether you are looking for glass pool windows in Sydney, aluminium pool fencing in Newcastle or glass balustrades in Central Coast, we have the fencing solution that will make your pool stand out. Browse our website or call us for more information!

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