Glass Balustrade Newcastle

Glass balustrades are a stylish option for any home. They add an accent of modernity and class that sets a property apart from the others around it, so it’s no wonder that as people look to augment their home, they are growing in popularity.

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Glass Balustrade Options

There is a range of options available that can achieve various looks, and it’s important for people that are considering installing a glass balustrade to consider all of the options available to get the result that they are happiest with.

Here is an overview of those options.

Side Pinned Glass Balustrades

These frameless balustrades can be either pin-fixed or stand-off to be placed along the side of a deck, balustrade or a stair-landing. This gives a blend of glass and stainless steel that provides a stunning finish to provide the best glass-only balustrade system.

Top Mounted Frameless Glass Balustrades

This option functions with both frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing options (we will explore the other alternative in more depth below), and these can achieve a set of distinct advantages. It is possible to install his type of balustrade with a variety of treated aluminium finishes. The balustrades can, for example, be made flush with the glass or a gap can be created. This means that people can achieve the desired look that fits their aesthetic preferences and their property.

Top Mounted Semi Frameless Glass Balustrades

This option gives a sophisticated style with a thoroughly see-through effect. There are no sacrifices made to safety and security yet this option still offers an almost entirely uninterrupted view.

Why to Work with Dimension One Glass

We have a lot of experience in offering these various options, and our work can be seen throughout the Newcastle area. Our 30 years of experience play a large role in ensuring that we achieve the best possible results on each project.

Our customers particularly appreciate the fact that we offer guaranteed installation dates. This means that our patients can rely on us to get their project finished on time and to the impeccable standard that they expect. We will not let you down if we agree on a set installation date.

The pricing that we offer is also attractive: in our time offering these services we have developed transparent and accurate pricing that our clients can trust in. Our level of quality and the reliability of our products make our package the best offering available.

Receive Your Quote Today

If you are considering installing a glass balustrade of any of the above configurations you should consider working with Dimension One Glass and getting your quote today. You can browse our website to get a better idea of our products and also request a quote. If you provide us with the details of your project, we will be sure to get back to you with a detailed proposal as quickly as possible.

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