Glass Balustrade Central Coast

A glass balustrade can offer a touch of luxury and class to a home. The modernity of this feature makes it a favourite among people throughout the world and it offers support and aesthetic appeal while offering uninterrupted views.

But the effective installation of a glass balustrade is not easy to achieve. Many companies attempt to offer this service but fail by using poor materials, lacking the proper knowledge and not working on the project from conception to execution.

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At Dimension One Glass Fencing we always get the best result for our customers and here is why you can trust in us.

Unbeatable Industry Experience

We have more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. In this time we have seen techniques, products and materials change yet we have made it our mission to keep on top of these developments to deliver the best possible level of service to our customers. This is a competitive business so we are incredibly proud to still be leading the game and getting the best results.

The Best Materials

When it comes to materials, we never cut corners. The quality of the material that is used in a project can spell the difference between a successful finished product that is safe and stands the test of time, or a sub-par result that can jeopardise people’s safety and fail after just a short period.

We work directly with providers to source these materials and we aren’t a middle party that works on behalf of somebody else. With us you get a direct link to the best sources. This means that your materials are adaptable, sturdy and easy to maintain. Many of our customers report that their installations are in great condition even after years of use.

A Range of Options

We understand that the popularity of glass balustrades has created a range of creative applications. Our team can interpret the needs of customers and work directly with them in order to deliver on their specific requirements. We offer, for instance, side-pinned glass balustrades, top-mounted frameless glass balustrades and top-mounted semi-frameless glass balustrades.

A Focus on Safety

We know that people rely on balustrades to keep their homes and commercial areas safe. Property owners that choose to install a glass balustrade owe it to their visitors to work with the best and to keep them safe. Our experience in offering projects that fit to a range of standards and requirements means that we can offer safe installations that endure across time.

Great Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a project. We understand that our customers come to us for our expert input and for the best results. This is why we collaborate directly with our customers in a transparent way from the design stage all the way to installation.

If you would like to launch your collaboration with us today, then feel free to visit our website and request a quote for your glass balustrade project.

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