Pool Fencing

If you’ve got a project you’ve been dying to complete but are unsure about all the pool fencing options available to you then this article is for you.
There is no inherently ‘correct’ pool fencing option as it often boils down to matter of taste. There all manner of materials your pool fence can be made out of; wood, steel and glass to name a few.
At Dimension One Glass we believe that glass pool fencing is the best option, but we’re clearly a little biased. We believe that glass pool fencing offers superior aesthetics over other pool fencing options and with the ability to choose between both frameless and semi-frameless styles you can truly customise the look of your backyard. It’s easy to maintain and is often easier to install as it can be done after the tiling – meaning that there’s less risk of damage.
With all that said and done, we’re more than happy to work with your vision and have a chat about your specific project. If you decide glass pool fencing is the option for you – great, we’ll be more than happy to help, but we’ll do our best to make an unbiased recommendation to ensure that you get your project completed the way you want, even if that means an alternative fencing style!
Contact us on 1300 314 527 and tell us all about your dream and vision and see how we can help you bring pool fencing to life!