Aluminium Pool Fencing Newcastle

If you own a house with a swimming pool in the back-yard, you’re probably already aware of the fact that pools can be simultaneously our most loved and our most frustrating possessions. Whilst so many of us cherish having a swimming pool to relax in after a long day, or having the convenience of being able to swim a few lengths for exercise on a summer’s morning without even needing to leave our own homes, pools can nonetheless present some serious dilemmas – particularly for families with small children.

Fortunately, the aluminium pool fencing Newcastle homeowners can purchase here at Dimension One Glass serves to solve many of the problems associated with pool ownership. After all, when it comes to owning a swimming pool, safety is of paramount importance. And there’s no better way to enhance the safety of your swimming pool than to ensure that it’s fully separated from the rest of your yard.

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As long as your pool is kept separate from your patio or your lawn by a sturdy fence, you won’t have to worry about children accidentally falling in while they’re playing, or about elderly relatives slipping on wet surfaces when you have them around for a barbecue at the weekend.

And even aside from all of the numerous practical benefits of erecting a pool fence, there’s the pleasant fact that the right fencing can actually serve to be a major aesthetic boost for your yard – the important thing is choosing the right material and the right contractor.

The Advantages of Aluminium Pool Fencing

Unlike other metals, aluminium is extremely low-maintenance and is not prone to rusting. This means that, unlike those people who own steel fences or wooden fences, you don’t have to worry about rusty metal or rotten wood contaminating your pool water and making it unsafe to swim in.

Aluminium is also known to be extremely strong and sturdy, making it an excellent practical choice. And the fact that the metal bars enable you to see through the fencing means that it’ll be easy to monitor what’s happening in your pool even if you’re busy with something else in the garden or inside the house.

The Best Aluminium Pool Fencing Newcastle Has Available

When you choose Dimension One Glass as your contractor, you can expect superior levels of customer service and a top-quality finished project. Over the years, we’ve developed an outstanding reputation for combining our extensive knowledge and experience with state of the art equipment and materials to provide our customers with outstanding results, absolutely every time.

And because we understand that no two customers have exactly the same requirements or preferences, we work closely with each and every client to develop a unique, bespoke fencing solution that is tailored to their property and their needs.

Simply get in touch with a member of the friendly team to find out more information about any of our services, and to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote at a time that suits you.

Dimension One Glass is the best provider of glass pool fencing in NSW. Whether you are looking for glass pool windows in Sydney, aluminium pool fencing in Newcastle or glass balustrades in Central Coast, we have the fencing solution that will make your pool stand out. Browse our website or call us for more information!

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